Adorable heart pins at Pavoreal

Heart shaped brooches made of colorful felt and trimmed with beads and sequins - from Pavoreal on etsy While exploring the Top Favorite Craft Designs at DesignsToLove (which I recently found through Mashable!) the gorgeous photo to the left caught my eye. “Ooh, colors!” said my brain, so I investigated further.

What I love about these is how they appeal to my love of collage, not just to my love of vibrant colors. Each one is unique, with the embellishments varying from one to another. Just looking at these happy little guys you can tell that the artist, Pavoreal, loves making them! In her words, “I have a great time making these hearts and sewing vintage buttons, beads, pompoms, sequins and plastic rhinestones on them with colorful thread.”

Purple heart-shaped felt brooch

You can really see the care and detail put into each pin, thanks to the wonderful photos. I wish I could get shots like that for my own work! Each pin is a bargain at only $8.00, and you can specify what color you prefer. Get your own Little Heart Pin today!



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2 responses to “Adorable heart pins at Pavoreal

  1. Thanks so much for showcasing the Little Hearts! They’re getting very famous now! 😉 What a cool and colorful blog… it’s great to find people who love color as much as I do!
    More pictures of the Little Hearts here:

  2. Thanks so much for your kind comments! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who appreciates the idea of a crafty blog with an emphasis on color.

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