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Add tutorials to drive traffic to your indie biz

Lately I’ve been using the free trial of SoloSEO to work on search engine optimization for my store. One of the possible links I stumbled across today is called Free Pattern Site, and I wanted to share it here because it’s general enough that it may appeal to a lot of indie business folks out there, and also ties in well with a cool post I recently read over at Online Marketing Blog, which reminds us good content is as necessary as links, and vice versa.

If you provide good, interesting, valuable content on your site in addition to your products, people will be more likely to link to your site – which is both word of mouth advertising and something that will improve your search ranking. If you offer free patterns on your site (beading patterns, sewing tutorials, tips on reconstructing clothes, etc) you can likely get your site listed at, as well as other places. Near the top of the page is reads “If you know of or have a content rich craft website for one of our free pattern categories, let us know.” The moral of the story? Take the time to work towards having a content-rich website, and it will draw more visitors to your site!


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