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Independent. Colorful. Indie Color.

I love shopping indie, exploring new frontiers of crafting, creative fashion, supporting small businesses, and selling my own handmade designs. There are quite a few blogs that post on these subjects (Indie Shopping and Miss Malaprop to name a few). However, I’ve yet to find a blog that incorporates another major love of mine; color. In fact, the only other themed indie blog I can think of is Independent Luxe, which focuses (unsurprisingly) on more luxurious goods.

Perhaps it’s indulgent of me to think there are other pro-indie shoppers out there who have the same passionate love affair with color that I do. But considering how many indie designers I see that sell as many colorful goodies as I do, perhaps not. So if you swoon for vibrant colors, if neon makes you drool, and if rainbows are like candy to you, I hope you’ll join me as I blog about crafts, fashion, indie business, and more.


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