Organizing beads

What crafter doesn’t go crazy trying to keep all their “toys” in order, ready to use when you want them? Though I’m not an organized person by nature, I love sorting things and when I find a system that works for me, I’m just in heaven. As the owner of an indie jewelry store (and some one who just loves making accessories) I have a ton of beads to keep track of. Some beads I have so many of that I keep them sorted in large clear plastic bins. But for beads that I only have a small amount of, I love my drawer cabinet.
Plastic drawers full of colorful beads
It’s just wonderful for seeing all my beads at a glance. I often buy beads in mixed bins or bags of kids’ kits from the craft store, and then sort them by shape.
Colorful beads sorted by shape

Organized drawers of plastic beads

The bottom of my drawer cabinet has a bigger drawers. I use a couple of these to sort jewelry findings, elastic cord, metal chain, and other components.

Jewelry components sorted into drawers

The rest of the large drawers have beads in small zip top bags. Some of these are beads I have quite a lot of, and they are sorted into the bags by color. Others are beads I have so few of a specifc style that it doesn’t make sense to have a drawer for it.

Small resealable bags of beads, sorted into bins

The organizational system is always evolving, and I may need to buy a new set of drawers soon, but I’m so glad I have this system in place. I spend a lot less time standing in the middle of my studio scratching my head, wondering where I put the beads I want.

How do you keep your beads (or other craft supplies) organized? I’d love to hear your advice, I’m always looking for ways to keep my studio from looking like a tornado hit.



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4 responses to “Organizing beads

  1. ahmed

    if want to have big block of this cabinet for electronic shop contains from 30 to 50 boxes do u have some example for something i could use ? and how much it will cost?


    Pl. send quotation for this drawer & also pl. give information for supplier in pimpri area

  3. kumaresan

    Dear sir/madam,

    i required the above figured organiser box and what is the cost of the box.

    pls replay

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